5 Hot Water Baths in West Java

Not only used for going home, Lebaran holidays are also widely used as a place for families to spend time together in the best tourist places. For those of you who are on Lebaran holidays in West Java, why not try to relax with your family by visiting the hot springs. In Indonesia alone, there are many of the best hot spring tours, including in West Java. Relax yourself for a moment in a pool of warm water while enjoying the soothing natural scenery of course is an unforgettable Eid holiday. The following is a list of the best hot springs in West Java to visit.

1. Gracia Hot Spring

Gracio Hot Spring is one of the recommended hot springs in West Java. This romantic tour in Bandung offers 3 main hot spring pools for adults and one children's pool. At the edge of the hot water pool is a row of umbrella chairs that can be used to relax after a tired bath. Not only that, the Gracio Hot Spring also has many other facilities such as a bathroom, canteen, and even a spa room. If visitors want to stay overnight, there is also a resort that can be used overnight.

The hot spring flowing in Gracia Hot Spring comes directly from Tangkuban Perahu Mountain. There is a sulfur content in it which is believed to cure skin disorders. If you are interested in trying it on this Eid holiday, then just come to Jl. Dawuan Block, Cikondang Village, Ciater. For entry tickets, visitors pay Rp. 60,000 on weekdays and Rp. 75,000 on weekends.

2. Ciater Hot Springs

It can be said if this place is a large hot spring in Indonesia in Bandung. Actually the location of the Ciater hot spring is not in Bandung, more precisely in the Kec. Ciater, Subang Regency. Because of its location close to Bandung, so many people think that Ciater's hot spring is one of the natural attractions in Bandung. Its width reaches 30 hectares making it the largest hot spring pool in West Java. Not only is it famous for its refreshing hot springs, but also the surrounding natural beauty is the most effective medicine for relieving fatigue.

The source of hot water flowing in the Ciater bathing pool directly comes from Tangkuban Perahu Mountain which has a temperature of 43-45 degrees Celsius. Not only does it help to relax the tired body, but Ciater's hot water has the properties of treating various types of skin diseases, disorders of the nerves, to help cure strokes and other high blood pressure diseases. And for the entrance ticket to Ciater hot spring, it's also cheap, Rp 10,000 - Rp 80,000. It is suitable for Lebaran holidays with family.

3. Sabda Alam Resort

If you are looking for Lebaran tours in West Java that are suitable for visiting with family, then this one place is highly recommended. This one hot spring provides a different atmosphere. Supported by the waterpark concept, kids will love it.

Unlike the waterpark in general, here a pool of water containing natural warm water is certainly refreshing. In addition there are many playgrounds provided such as foam pools, wave pools, spiral water park, fish therapy, and many others. Guaranteed your Eid holiday will be more enjoyable with your family when visiting Sabda Alam Resort. Interested in visiting it? This tourist location is on Jalan Raya Cipanas No.3 Garut.

4. Cimanggu Hot Springs

Want to soak in a pool of warm water at night? So just try to come to the Cimanggu hot spring. If usually tourist attractions are only open until late afternoon, different from this one because it is open until evening. You can enjoy relaxation in a hot tub that is certainly pleasant and soothing. If you want a more private atmosphere, there is also a VIP swimming pool facility. For entry tickets it is also not expensive, visitors only need to pay Rp. 17,000 (weekday) and Rp. 21,500 (weekend).

Not only relaxation of hot water pools, around the tourist attractions are also filled with shady green trees that will certainly refresh the eyes. In addition, the facilities offered are also very complete starting from the rabbit park, children's play area, and outbound area. If you want to spend more time in the Cimanggu hot spring, you can try staying overnight at the cottages available in this tourist area.

5. Cai Village Hot Springs

If you plan to visit the ciwidey white crater, don't miss to visit this one hot spring. Located in South Bandung, precisely on Jl. Ciwidey - Patengan Km 11, Patengan, Rancabali, Bandung Regency, West Java. The location is only a few tens of meters from the entrance to the Kawah Putih tour if you depart from the city of Bandung. This tourist attraction not only offers a hot tub, but also healthy and refreshing because of the sulfur contained in it.

The hot water in this place comes from the Patuha Mountain geothermal spring which is located quite close to the Rengganis crater. The facilities available are also quite complete, such as food stalls, rides for outbound games, and Strawberry pentics. The entrance ticket price for this Kampung Cari hot spring pool is IDR 15,000 / person.

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