Beach Tourism in Riau is Beautiful and Romantic

Beach Tourism in Riau is Beautiful and Romantic

The beach is a tourist destination that is never deserted with the name of the enthusiast. This is because beach tourism can always give satisfaction to those who visit. Usually for those who come to visit a beach tourist destination looking for satisfaction and excitement. So sometimes we will see lots of people who prefer to sit back and enjoy the atmosphere. Or they just walk along the shoreline to enjoy the sensation of the waves on their feet. When discussing about beaches, there are so many beach tours that we can visit in Indonesia. Every region always has its own beautiful and interesting beach tourism for us to visit.

This time we will discuss beach tourism in Riau, which is certainly very interesting to visit. As one part of marine tourism destinations in Indonesia, the Riau province has several attractive coastal tourist destinations, such as

1. Purnama Beach
Purnama Beach As with other coastal tourist destinations in Riau, the tourist area in Dumai also has beautiful and tempting beach tourism. One tourist destination that is quite interesting in Dumai is Purnama beach. If we talk about the name of a full moon beach, actually not only dumai has a full moon beach. One of the tourist attractions in Bali also has the name Purnama Beach, more precisely one of the tourist attractions in Gianyar.

But the difference is that if we visit the full moon beach in Dumai, we cannot go down to the shore and enjoy the sand. This is because the full moon beach area is still muddy sand. However, this does not reduce the pleasure of playing and enjoying the beauty of this one beach. before transforming into a beach that is crowded by tourists. This beach area is a coconut plantation owned by residents. However, the longer this one beach area turns into a very beautiful destination.

Now this one beach is increasingly visited by tourists who want to travel and enjoy the beauty of this one beach. If we visit this beach, we are welcomed with a very beautiful and beautiful view. It is not surprising if we include this coastal area as one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia. We can enjoy the blue sea view by relaxing in the lodges that have been provided by the surrounding community. In addition, this area also has a large number of coconut ice sellers. If you want to get a good view, then you can come at sunset. From this beach you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunset in Indonesia.

2. Lapin Beach
Lapin Beach The beach is white and smooth, the waves are not too tight but quite challenging. As well as a row of coconut trees that seem to increasingly make this one beach tourism area an option. One beach can indeed be said to be still relatively new in the world of beach tourism in Riau, but can immediately attract the hearts of tourists to visit and enjoy the beauty of this beach.

This beach is a beach that is quite calm and quiet on normal days. However, if during the holiday and weekend seasons, visitors who come to this area will increase more and more. Those who come to visit this tourist area not only come from the Bengkalis region. Those who come to visit also come from outside the area. This proves that this one tourist area does have a beauty that is not kidding. If you want to enjoy the beauty of this one beach, then you should come at sunset. At that time, you will be able to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunset in Indonesia that will not make you disappointed. One of the things that is quite interesting is that you can rent a neighboring boat to just play and circulate in this coastal area.

3. New Strait Beach
New Strait Beach Riau is indeed one part of a marine tourism destination in Indonesia, it is not surprising if you have a beautiful beach tourist destination. One of the interesting beaches to visit is the New Straits Beach. The beach which is also one of the leading tourist destinations in Bengkalis is indeed quite interesting to visit.

The beach, which is located at Selat Baru Village, Bantan Subdistrict, Bengkalis Regency, is indeed never empty with the name of the visitor. Especially if when the holiday season has arrived or during weekends, visitors who come to this location will increase. Those who come to this location want to see and enjoy the beauty of this one beach. As one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia, the beauty of this one beach need not be doubted.

4. North Rupat Beach
North Sumatra Rupat Beach actually still has an unspoiled Indonesian tourist spot. Nature tourism destinations like this are still unknown to many people. However, such a place will usually save a lot of amazing tourism potential. It can also be applied to one of the coastal tourist destinations in Riau. The name of North Rupat Beach is one of the beach names that no longer need to be doubted.

The beauty of this beach is no less beautiful than the other beaches. if we visit the beach this one is guaranteed we will immediately fall in love at first sight, the uniqueness and beauty of this beach may even be able to beat the beauty and beauty of kenjeran beach tourism in Surabaya there. Here we can enjoy the beauty of the beautiful and elegant sunset. Besides that the atmosphere of the beach which is still relatively quiet is very beneficial for you. At least the quiet atmosphere can make us as if we were the owners of this beautiful beach. if we speak facilities, then this tourist destination has adequate facilities, and can be said to be quite good. So make sure this beach is included in your visit list.

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