Favourit Destinations Holidays in Kudus Indonesia

Destinations for Lebaran Holidays in Kudus
The name of the holy city is one of the names that might be familiar to some people. This city is one of the few well-known tourist destinations in Central Java. There are so many nicknames pinned on this one city. One nickname that is quite famous is the mention of the city of kretek.

However, this one city is basically one of the interesting tourist destinations in Indonesia. There are lots of interesting tourist destinations that we can find in this city. various tourist locations that are certainly very interesting and make anyone feel at home to linger to visit the Holy City area.

What we will discuss this time is closely related to various tourist locations in the holy city. More precisely we will discuss about some Lebaran holiday destinations in Kudus that we can visit. There are several tourist destinations in Kudus city which are quite feasible for us to make holiday destinations with family when Lebaran arrives. A variety of locations that are ready to welcome and pamper visitors. Some of these locations are,

1. Holy Tower

sanctuary tower The first tourist location for Lebaran holiday destination in Kudus is a fairly historic building. As we know, this sacred city is one of the most important religious tourism sites in Indonesia. Ha l because the city is one of the centers of the spread of Islam on Java and Indonesia. The tourist location is the Menara Kudus Mosque or sometimes referred to as the Al Manar Mosque.
This one mosque building is one of the famous mosque buildings. Even this one mosque can be included in the list of the most beautiful mosques in Indonesia. Based on existing historical data, the building of this mosque was built by Sunan Kudus in 1549 AD (956 Hijri).

If you pay close attention, the building of this mosque has its own uniqueness. Because this one mosque building is a combination of Islamic buildings with a little touch of Hindu-Buddhist culture.

2. Colo Tourism Village

Colo Tourism Village In addition we can find various kinds of religious tourist destinations that can add to our piety. So, the holy city also prepared a tourist destination that was able to spoil the eyes and also the mood. This one tourist area is one area that you should not miss. Colo tourist village area is a tourist area that provides various types of scenery which is certainly very interesting. Moreover, this one tourist area is in the Muria mountain region that we can also visit the tomb of Sunan Muria.

Because of its location in the mountainous area it is not surprising that one tourist area has a quite cool atmosphere. This colo village tourist area is also one of several cultural tourism areas in Indonesia that has its own uniqueness.

If you are widening in the holy city area, then there is nothing wrong with making this one tourist area a quite interesting destination. Besides having a nice and beautiful view, this colo tourist village area also has quite complete facilities. Certainly it will be able to facilitate those of you who want to travel in this village.

3. Holy Kretek Museum

Kudus Kretek Museum is indeed a city that is very famous for its cigarette production. It can even be said that there are many famous cigarette manufacturers in Indonesia who come from this city. With such conditions, it is not surprising that the holy city area, also called the city of kretek. The Kretek Museum itself is one of several unique museums in Indonesia that we must visit. This museum holds various types of things related to the kretek world. If you want to see and know about the development of kretek in the holy city and also in Indonesia, this museum is a very suitable location.

This museum collection itself is closely related to various types of tools used to make cigarettes. Starting from a variety of traditional tools to modern tools. Besides being able to enjoy various types of things related to clove. Then this one museum also has a swimming pool that can be used.

With various types of facilities in it, it is not surprising if this museum area is very suitable for us to make it as a Lebaran holiday destination in Kudus which is quite interesting and different.

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