The World’s Most-visited Tourist Attractions in Banyuwangi

So far, not many know if Banyuwangi is one of the best tours that can be visited in East Java. If you plan to spend Lebaran holidays with your family, maybe Banyuwangi can be an option. There are many of the best and favorite favorite tourist attractions visited during Eid holidays. What are they? Here is the list that you can visit with family.

1. Baluran National Park

Lebaran holidays in Banyuwangi will not be complete without visiting Baluran National Park tours. Baluran National Park is also often known as Africa Van Java, because of its natural appearance which is as if it were on African soil. This tour that is said to be in the northern part of Banyuwangi is indeed cool, especially for those of you who love photography, you might like the appearance of exotic savannahs like on African soil. So, for those of you who plan to visit Lebaran tourist attractions in Banyuwangi, don't forget to take pictures in the savanna. In addition there are many trees that have unique shapes that make this place even more charming. Inside, you can find lots of unique and rare species of birds and other animals such as jungle buffalo, deer, bulls, and many others.

2. Ijen Crater

Who doesn't tour Ijen crater? One of the best tours in Banyuwangi may be suitable for you to visit during Eid especially for those of you who like to challenge adrenaline. This tour is not only popular in Indonesia, but even abroad. No wonder many foreign tourists visit this place, especially when the holiday season arrives. Ijen Crater has such amazing natural scenery.

Located at an altitude of 2,368 masl, the area of ​​the ijen crater is approximately 20 km and is surrounded by a wall of caldera which reaches 300-500m high. The most unique and interesting thing in this Ijen Crater is the existence of "Blue Fire" or Blue Fire.

Especially when the surrounding conditions are still dark, this natural phenomenon will look very attractive. And of course this phenomenon in Indonesia can only be found in the Ijen crater.

3. Watu Dodol Beach

Watu Dodol beach tourism is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Banyuwangi when Eid holidays. One of them is because of the location of this beach which is on the edge of the main road Banyuwangi-Situbondo. And the distance is only about 2 km from Ketapang Port. So it is not surprising if on this beach, visitors can see the Ferry ship that is passing by. Not only can you enjoy its beauty from the beach alone, you can also try to climb on a hill near a tourist attraction to enjoy its natural beauty.

Uniquely, this beach is called Watu Dodol Beach because of the large boulder that is located in the middle of the road. And on the side of the road, there is also a Gandrung statue which is a typical Banyuwangi dancer on a large rock. Around the beach there are also many Banyuwangi culinary attractions that are worth a try. And if you have a lot of time, you can cross to Tabuhan Island and Menjangan Island. Watu dodol is access for visitors who want to go to the two islands.

4. Pulau Merah Beach

Pulau Merah Beach is one of Banyuwangi's nautical attractions that cannot be missed. No wonder this place is a favorite tourist place for Lebaran holidays in Banyuwangi. Named Pulau Merah Beach because there is a hill which is not far from the shoreline which has red soil. This hill is covered with green trees, so that when the afternoon arrives you will see a red tinge. You can visit this hill even on foot when the water is receding.

On the beach of the red island, you can see beautiful exotic scenery from natural scenery and white sand beaches. If you are not satisfied playing all day in this place, there are many inns with a variety of prices that you can choose to spend the night. The location of the red island beach is in Kec. Pesanggaran and there is a temple called Pura Tawang Alun.

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